Producers Email (212) 490-8511 Ext:
Scott Taylor —President 112
Kazutaka Matsumoto—Vice President 116
Carrie Bobroff 312
Masami Capurso 215
Kathy England 510
Mark Reuling 119
Commercial Lines Department Email (212) 490-8511 Ext:
Elizabeth Carulli-Weiner —Manager 517
Craig Boswell —Assistant Manager 511
Lisa Caracciolo 526
Marcio Castellanos 519
Theresa Handwerk 507
Bridget Hickey 521
Tomoe Kittaka 120
Mitchell Long 512
John O’Connell 525
Shiho Okazaki 515
Ivette Ruiz 514
Harriet Rush 530
Victoria Sevriukova 614
Tammy Soto 508
Denise Taylor 500
Ross Taylor 214
Nicole Williams 523
Personal Lines Department Email (212) 490-8511 Ext:
Kevin Williams —Manager 213
Anna Antosiewicz 217
Theresa Suffern 218
Claims, Life & Health Department Email (212) 490-8511 Ext:
Amy Saenz —Manager 615
Arlene Hasty 518
Suzanne Rosario 311
Accounting Department Email (212) 490-8511 Ext:
Terry Algu —Manager 413
Marlene Brody 412
Teresa Jansen 418
Cyril Robinson 212
Meryl Walters 416
Allen Keeler —Reception 0

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