Kathy joined Taylor & Taylor in 2008 enhancing our film division with more than 25 years experience in managing film production accounts.

Her career began in 1982 working for Great Northern Brokerage Corp. specializing in worldwide film production insurance. She became a managing partner in 1994 and remained with the company until it was sold in March of 2001. During these years she worked with many film production companies including Miramax Films, American Zoetrope, GreeneStreet Films, Phoenix Pictures, October Films, Live Entertainment, Propaganda Films, Epic Productions, Open City Film, Dino DeLaurentiis Productions, Raffaella DeLaurentiis, Edward Pressman Films, Sydney Pollack/Mirage Productions, John Sayles, David Lynch, Spike Lee and Scout Productions.

From 2002 to 2008, Kathy concentrated her efforts on her own insurance brokerage company, England Insurance Brokerage through which she continued to service the independent film community.

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