Still Photographers

Arranging insurance protection for a still photo shoot is as essential as organizing the proper crew, securing adequate locations and renting equipment. A well thought out insurance program will help to protect your shoot from the financial consequences of damage to or destruction of raw film, exposed film or digital imagery; damages as a result of faulty stock, faulty cameras, faulty lenses or faulty processing; replacing stolen or damaged property as well as defending covered lawsuits.

These are just a few examples of potential losses that our photographers insurance program can provide protection for.

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Still Photographers Package Policy

Negative Film & Videotape
Faulty Stock, Camera & Processing
Props, Sets & Wardrobe including Jewelry, Furs, Fine Arts and Antiques
Miscellaneous Rented Equipment
Extra Expense
Third Party Property Damage
Office Contents

Liability Protection

Commercial General Liability
Umbrella Liability

Business Automobile

Non-Owned & Hired Automobile coverage including:

Non-Owned & Hired Automobile Liability
Hired Automobile Physical Damage
Foreign Non-Owned & Hired Automobile Liability
Foreign Hired Automobile Physical Damage

Owned Automobile coverage including:

Business Automobile Liability
Statutory Personal Injury Protection
Additional Personal Injury Protection
Uninsured Motorist
Underinsured Motorist
Rental Reimbursement
Towing & Labor
Drive Other Car Coverage (DOC)
Foreign Business Automobile Liability

Employment Coverages

Workers Compensation & Employers Liability
U.S. Longshoremen & Harbor Workers Act
Jones Act
Voluntary Compensation
Statutory Disability Benefit Income Coverage (Mandatory in NY, CA, NJ, RI, HI & Puerto Rico)
Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation

Crime Insurance

Employee Dishonesty including:

  • Blanket coverage for all employees
  • Blanket coverage for a specific class of employee (Ex: Accounting Personnel)
  • ERISA compliance for pension plans

Monies & Securities
Forgery & Alteration
Robbery & Safe Burglary
Computer Fraud
Depositor's Forgery
Social Engineering


Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Animal Mortality
Boiler & Machinery
Camera Equipment (Owned)
Cast Coverage- For Key Models
Civil Authority
Contractual Hold Harmless Agreements
Cyber Liability
Directors & Officers Liability
Disability Income
Electronic Data Processing Hardware and Media
Employee Benefits Liability
Employment Practices Liability
Errors & Omissions Liability
Fiduciary Liability
Foreign Commercial General Liability
Foreign Non-Owned & Hired Automobile Liability
Health Insurance & Dental Insurance
Indemnification Agreements
Kidnap and Ransom
Life Insurance
Long Term Care Coverage
Loss of Use (lost rental income due to equipment downtime)
Network Security and Privacy Coverage
Non-Owned & Hired Aviation Liability
Non-Owned & Hired Watercraft Liability
Non-Owned & Hired Watercraft Physical Damage
Non-Owned Aviation Liability
Off Premises Power Interruption
Office Contents
Pension Plan Liability
Plate Glass
Political Risk & Confiscation
Pollution Liability
Railroad Protective Liability
Special Effects, Pyrotechnics or Stunts
Weather Coverage (usually ten days advance notice is required)

An important benefit of our still photographers program is there is no charge for standard certificates of insurance.

Below are brief descriptions of some of the standard and miscellaneous coverages available.

Employment Practices Liability

Provides protection from lawsuits by employees claiming sexual harassment, wrongful termination and discrimination.

Errors & Omissions Liability

Provides protection against lawsuits alleging professional negligence such as infringement of copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, trade secrets, title, or slogan; defamation, invasion of privacy, or publicity rights; false advertising, idea misappropriation, or breach of implied contract. Defense costs are typically included within the policy limit. Coverage forms can vary widely from one insurance carrier to the next so it is extremely important that you carefully review your policy language to determine the scope of coverage being provided to you.

Extra Expense

Covers the additional expense incurred to complete your photo shoot should your cameras, props, sets & wardrobe and/or location sustain direct damage from a covered loss. Coverage can be extended to include mechanical breakdown of cameras, generators and computerized systems to control cameras.

Foreign Liability

Bodily injury and property damage where the injury or damage occurs outside the U.S. or Canada and the claim is brought in a foreign jurisdiction. Additional coverage available under the Foreign Liability policy includes Foreign Non-Owned & Hired Automobile Liability and Foreign Hired Automobile Physical Damage and Foreign Workers Compensation including repatriation and endemic disease.

General Liability

Provides protection for your legal liability resulting from lawsuits alleging that your business caused bodily injury or property damage to a third party. The coverage territory is the United States and Canada. One of the important aspects of this coverage is that it affords coverage both on your premises and locations within the policy territory.

Hired Automobile Physical Damage

Protects against physical damage to rental cars. Coverage is worldwide when included as part of the rented camera equipment section of the photographers package policy. The valuation for hired vehicles is actual cash value.

Loss Payee & Additional Insured

A Loss Payee is a person or organization that has a financial interest in the property given or leased to you and for which you have agreed to provide the insurance. By adding a Loss Payee endorsement, both signatures are needed on a claim check in order to cash the check. The loss payee thereby maintains control of the insurance claim proceeds.

An Additional Insured endorsement extends your liability policy to cover another person or organization for bodily injury and/or property damage claims resulting from your negligence. Since the insurance carrier is now protecting more than one business or individual, there may be an added premium for this coverage.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Provides protection for cameras, lighting, computer equipment, darkroom equipment and related gear. The valuation is legal liability for rented equipment and replacement cost for owned equipment. . Coverage forms can vary widely from one insurance carrier to the next so it is extremely important that you carefully review your policy language to determine the scope of coverage being provided to you. Important perils to consider are fire, theft, water damage, flood, breakage, earthquake and theft from unattended vehicles.

Negative Film & Faulty Stock, Camera & Processing

This coverage pays for expenses to re-shoot the job due to lost, stolen, damaged film or digital imagery &/or film rendered unusable as a result of laboratory processing errors and/or camera malfunction. Coverage is designed to cover a current job and you must actually re-shoot the job in order to collect under this policy section. This important coverage can be provided on a worldwide basis. Losses resulting from operator error are not covered.

Imagine that your camera bag were to be stolen after a shoot. The loss suffered would be greater than just the value of your actual camera equipment as you may have also lost exposed film and/or a digital storage device. If your camera were to malfunction you might lose some or all of the images from the shoot or they may be unusable. These are a couple examples of claims that would be covered under this section of the policy. Please note, this coverage section does not cover stock photography.

Nonowned Aircraft Liability

Bodily injury and property damage for which you are legally liable that is caused by an occurrence arising from the occupancy, operation or use of the non-owned aircraft, by you or on your behalf.

Non-Owned & Hired Automobile Liability

Protects an employer for bodily injury or property damage claims that arise from use of a hired, borrowed, or rented vehicle. Coverage is limited to the United States and Canada.

Nonowned & Hired Watercraft Liability

Bodily injury and property damage arising from the maintenance, loading or unloading of watercraft.

Office Contents

Covers business personal property that is situated within your office such as furniture, computer equipment, copy machines, fax machines and improvements & betterment's.

Political Risk & Confiscation

Claims arising from foreign governments, including but not limited to the seizure and confiscation of your property.

Props, Sets & Wardrobe

Protects you for damage to or theft of owned and rented property that is being used as part of your photographic set. There is a sublimit for Jewelry, Furs, Fine Arts, Antiques, Precious Metals and Objects of Art.

Railroad Protective Liability

Cover obligations described in the railroad agreements.

Third Party Property Damage

Protects against unforeseeable damage to a location in your care, custody & control while the location is being used temporarily as part of a photographic set.

Umbrella Liability

Covers losses in excess of the limits of employers liability, commercial general liability, owned and nonowned automobile liability.

Workers Compensation And Employers Liability

Covers injury to employees and workers under your control when injured at work in the performance of work duties. Available by endorsement: U.S. Longshoremen & Harbor Workers Act, Jones Act and Voluntary Compensation.